GreenStream Pre-Qual for HR Mgt and Payroll

B. Scope of Work

The purpose of this SOW is to supply and provide GreenStream Company the following:-

1. New Software Package:

1.1 Fully new integrated and automated Human Resource Management and Payroll Processing system package to replace our current Human Resource package "Egorithm". All existing data and information shall be read before transferred to the new system as part of the Scope of Work.

1.2 The new package modules must include:

1.2.1 Payroll "Salary" Processing System

1.2.2 Human Resource Management System

2. Integration:

The new requested modules of the system are interrelated and linked to the same database for data sharing, information from one module can be used to the other module without any intermediate operation to eliminate the necessity of double data entry (to avoid redundancy of data).

• The system can provide output in different format layouts.

• Customized interface to SUN SYSTEMS, which will give GreenStream

Company the ability to update financial ledgers once a payroll is done.

• The two module systems are integrated information system and separated modules include the following statistics:

o Time records and attendance administration

o Payroll processing

o Payroll posting

o Data Payment Report in English and Arabic languages.

o Employee pay certificate.

o Data Income Taxes, social security contribution and payment reports.

3. System security:

3.1 Access to the system, is controlled by different user profiles and passwords, furthermore the system includes features of security at the data level via Data Access Groups. Parts of data held in Payroll and HR must flag as visible/accessible to specific groups of users and non visible/accessible to others.

3.2 The system has a full audit trail and a backup/recovery function. For network traffic, security the application offers encryption on both the server and the client part of the installation.

3.3 The package must be integrated and easily reconcile data with our Sun Systems Financial Management software and eliminate the risk of inaccurate data be reported.

3.4 The package must be provided with the following Technical Tools :

• Backups and restore systems

• Export and import data tool

• Report builders’ tools.

• System Security

• Database used

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