The New Kiteboarding Libya

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Kiteboarding is becoming a popular sport in Libya. After the end of a long era of dictatorship run by Muammar Gaddafi, the country seeks new ways of attracting tourists.

Wind is blowing in the capital of Libya. Tripoli is the new kiteboarding destination in the African/Middle East region, with a growing wind sports community.

Libya's first certified kite instructor is Jalal Elwalid, a 39-year-old rider who started learning how to deal with lines and winds in 2008.

"We would watch the clips and then try it ourselves", Elwalid tells the Times of Oman. He and his brother learned everything they know by watching the world's best on Youtube.

Now, Jalal Elwalid is running his own kiteboarding business in Tripoli. "Wind Friends" is a kiteboarding school with 25 beginners, already.

Libya offers 1,770 kilometers (1,106 miles) of Mediterranean coastline, almost 365 days of sunshine and very good wind conditions.

The best kiteboarding spots in Libya are Garabuli, near Tripoli, and Farwah Island, a beautiful and exotic spot located near Tunisia.

(Source: SurferToday)

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