Weekly Security Update

Press Solidarity reported an attack in Derna on the night of 28 November against Brigade 505, which operates under the Chief of Staff. The incident occurred in Al Fataih, when an unidentified group threw a hand grenade at the brigade’s headquarters, completely destroying the entrance. Some brigade members were lightly wounded. Two people were later arrested by the brigade.  Press Solidarity also reported an attempted assassination in Benghazi on 29 November. Khaled Al Tishani, a deputy at the Audit Bureau, was assaulted by an armed group while driving towards a supermarket near the Venice wedding hall.

Representative Mansour Al Hasadi told Press Solidarity on 28 November that a National Assembly delegation visited Al Kufra to discuss the security situation, services, and the standard of living. The delegation was tasked with the visit after a cease-fire was broken between Tabu and Arab Zwai tribesmen.  Al Kufra continues to witness sporadic clashes, although violence is considerably reduced compared to the levels seen earlier in the year.

The chief organizer of the 21 September ‘Save Benghazi’ protest, which contributed to the ousting of several rebel groups from the city in the wake of the 11 September attack on the US consulate, survived an assassination attempt on 3 December. Naji Hamad, a serving police officer, was attacked by gunmen as he left his home.  Hamad survived the attack; however his brother-in-law Anees Al Jahani was reported to have been shot and killed.

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