Weekly Security Update

Gulf of Sidra, Cyrenaica and Benghazi

Demonstrations have dominated reporting in the east of the country during the last week.  While the common theme for the protests appears to be the ongoing issue of federalism, a number of other issues also contributed to protests in Bayda, Benghazi and Derna. 

The Libya Herald reported that demonstrators took to the streets in front of Bayda’s Commercial Bank the night of 26 November, burning tires and demanding a federal state.  Inspired by protests in Bayda, dozens of protesters were also reported to have demonstrated late on 26 November in front of Benghazi’s Tibesti Hotel in support of a federal state.  According to the Libya Herald, protesters also demonstrated against a decision by the National Oil Corp. (NOC) to suspend a planned move from Tripoli to Benghazi.  Derna was also reported to have seen protests on the night of 26 November in anger over National Assembly Speaker Mohammed Magarief’s decision to invest $200 million in Tunisia’s Central Bank.  Several cars were burned during the protest.

Press Solidarity reported that Members of Benghazi’s High Security Committee and the Shield of Libya closed the main road in front of the Tibesti Hotel on the night of 29 November due to ongoing protests. The protesters were allegedly demonstrating against the appointment of a number of anti-Qadhafi fighters from Misratah and Tripoli to the Ministry of Interior, while fighters from Benghazi were not similarly appointed. The group also demonstrated over late salaries.

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