900,000 New Homes Needed

Hatem Ben Fayed, chairman of the Libyan Housing Committee, has said there is a need for 900,000 extra housing units in the country, and although there are several hundred thousands units available, they are not enough to meet the demand as the majority of these units are incomplete and of questionable quality.

The committee’s main priority is to restart these stalled projects, but Libya Herald reports that completing these unfinished units would be a major task, as contracts must be reviewed, many contractors may not wish to resume work if terms of their contracts are subject to change.

The Housing Ministry’s 2013 budget is currently being discussed. During a radio programme hosted by Radio Zone, the subject of dwindling marriage rates was attributed to a lack of housing for newlyweds, and there was criticism of the government’s inability to provide quality and affordable housing.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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