Libyan Students Occupy Embassy in Malaysia

Angry students have occupied the Libyan embassy in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, to protest at government cuts to their scholarship funding.

It is reported that some of the students, whose qualifications and future careers are threatened by the cuts, have also begun a hunger strike.

The students told Libya Herald their scholarships have been cut completely, leaving them stranded two-thirds of the way through post-graduate courses.

“The ministry of higher education suddenly terminated the scholarships of Libyan students” said Ali L. Elgayar, the president of the group.

Funding for PhDs, for instance, now only covers 24 months, when the minimum period at all Malaysian universities is three years.

An estimated 4,500 Libyans are studying at universities in Malaysia, of whom about 300 are in receipt of scholarships and are affected by the cuts, apparently made under the Ministry of Education’s Decree number 34-2011.

Protests are being staged at other Libyan embassies, and one is planned for next month in London.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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