3,000 Dinar Prize to Design new Logo for PM

The Libyan Prime Minister’s Office has offered a cash prize of 3,000 dinars to the winner of a competition to design its new logo.

Libya Herald reports that citizens, advertising companies and specialist consultants have all been encouraged to take part.

The logo needs to be high-resolution and to “balance beauty with simplicity of colours”; it must also include the words “The Prime Minister’s Office – Interim Libyan Government”.

(Source: Libya Herald)

2 Responses to 3,000 Dinar Prize to Design new Logo for PM

  1. Yousri AZZAM 29th September 2012 at 1:19 pm #

    what is the time of this competitiom - Time to prepare the design of the new logo - scale of drawings - gust one proposal or we can present more

  2. Mark 8th October 2012 at 9:47 am #

    could you please send us more details?

    Since the PrimMinister was removed from office, is this competition still active?
    what is the deadline, please....and can non-Libyan participate. I am Maltese with 28yrs experience and worked for a while in Tripoli too.

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