Afriqiyah, Libyan Airlines Merger to take "at Least 18 Months"

Libyan Airlines CEO Khaled Taynaz says the company will focus on restoring its pre-conflict route network and completing its long-awaited merger with Afriqiyah.

In an interview with Arabian Aerospace, he said connections with Turkey and East Asia must be developed first, facilitating an influx of foreign labour to help re-build the war-torn country, after which time the spotlight will fall on European business centres.

Economically, Europe will be the most suitable region to build our future network,” Taynaz affirmed. “Of course, that will also work on the political side.

Another priority for the new government will be the merger of Libyan and Afriqiyah. Taynaz was tight-lipped about the process, insisting that the transport ministry will ultimately decide how best to combine the flag carriers.

But he confirmed that the new airline will retain the Libyan brand, adding that a study by IATA predicted the merger will take “at least 18 months” to complete.

It's not an easy task to merge two companies like this,” Taynaz warned. “Around 18 months is just an estimate. Afriqiyah’s offices all burned during this war, so it’s very difficult.

(Source: Arabian Aerospace)

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