Libyan commission ratifies results of parliamentary elections

Libya's election regulatory commission has ratified the final results of last month's parliamentary elections, which gave a landslide victory to an alliance led by wartime Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril, the commission chief said Wednesday.

"The number of appeal cases before the district courts has reached 37, five of which did not meet the appeal criteria. One appeal was accepted, and the candidate's name was removed from the list," Nuri Alabar, head of Libya's High Commission for Elections (HNEC), told a press conference.

He also said while the district courts have considered some of the appeals, the final results of elections would not be affected.

The HNEC recounted votes in two electoral centers, and did not find any breach or violations, he added.

According to the results published on July 18, the National Forces Alliance, led by former interim Prime Minister Jibril, won 39 seats of the 80 party-list seats in Libya's 200-member General National Congress. The Justice and Construction Party, launched by Libya's Muslim Brotherhood, took 17 seats.

The country's National Transitional Council decided to hand over political powers to the parliament on Aug. 8, which would later elect a new interim government.

(Source: Xinhuanet)

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