LISCO Misurata Resumes Production of Reinforced Steel and Iron

The Libyan Iron and Steel company, LISCO, has announced that all production of reinforced steel and iron has resumed and is now available.

The company, one of the largest in Libya, with an annual capacity of 1,324,000 tons of liquid steel, is situated near the coastal city of Misurata, about 210km east of Tripoli, and its utilities cover an area of about 1,200 hectares .

Telecommunication lines were still down in August, however, at the return of adequate electricity levels in Misurata, the company restarted part of its steel production operations to produce hot briquetted iron and steel rolls.

The company has now resumed producing iron and steel sheets, coils, bars, rods and more on an industrial scale. The facility generates a sufficient amount of goods to satiate the local market and export surplus production to other countries.

Its main steel export partners include Italy, Spain, France, Egypt and Tunisia, which import more than 60 percent of the company’s products. LISCO is also the only hot briquetted iron, HBI, producer in North Africa.

According to company sources, after the recommencement of production, the company has reached levels close to that pre-revolutionary period. They have also offered a reduction in prices, and a more customer friendly means of ordering through identification only.

(Source: Tripoli Post)

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