Pre-Qual Tender for Maintenance Work at Azzawiya Refinery

2. Scope of Works

2.1 All preparatory and prefabrication works, required to facilitate the execution of the project within the limited duration of turnaround, shall be completed well ahead of the commencement of the refinery turnaround.

2.2 All works shall be carried out in accordance with coils replacement procedure, welding procedure specifications (WPS) and hydrostatic test procedure which shall be submitted by the contractor for owner's and third party's approval prior to commencement of the works.

2.3 Replacement of radiant casing and convection roof plates of 1 (one0 Hydrobon Heater (120-H1) complete with anchors and refractory lining.

2.4 Replacement of convection section of 1 (one) Hydrobon Heater (120-H2) complete with tubes, fittings, tube sheet and refractory lining.

2.5 Replacement of damaged flue gas collector at convection section of Platforming Unit Heater (121-H4).

2.6 Carry out all associated works pertaining to heaters maintenance activities mentioned above including, but not limited to, dismantling, cleaning, inspection, welding, refractory renewal, coil and tube installation and startup.

2.7 The inspection works shall include all physical examinations and NDT according to the approved inspection procedures based on codes and standards requirements, issuance of a relevant testing report or records for approval by the owner and third party inspection.

2.8 All maintenance works shall be carried out in conformity with the relevant latest edition of ASTM, ASMEAPI 560 standards and codes.

2.9 After completion of all the works, the contractor shall clear the site and transport surplus material to warehouse or any other location within the Refinery premises. The scrap material shall be transported to the scrap yard located within the Refinery premises.

2.10 The contractor shall carry out all maintenance works for any damage to the equipment/ component that may occur during the execution of the works at his own expenses.

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