Libya Interior Ministry Takes 70,000 Former Rebels Under Its Wing

Libya's ministry of interior, has absorbed 70 000 former rebels turned revolutionaries who helped oust the former dictatorial regime of Muammar Gaddafi from power after 42 years of power, under its command, Omar al-Khadrawi, deputy interior minister, said.

They have become interior ministry employees and are to receive wages. They will help the country's fight against crime, protect strategic sites, embassies and diplomatic missions. Later the ministry will determine who qualifies for specialised training.

A group made up of 160 former rebels, on Tuesday, took a flight to Amman, in Jordan to receive three months of training to become future policemen.

A ministry spokesperson said they are the first batch of 2,216 men due in Jordan this week following an agreement between Libya and Jordan in January for the training of 10 000 revolutionaries, many of them students who abandoned their studies to fight the former regime.

In the absence of a strong army or fully functional police force, the new leaders in Libya had no choice but to train these people to help maintain security in the country, patrol borders and run detention centres.

Noting that an estimated 250,000 weapons remain on the streets, Khadrawi said the government is studying how to best disarm the population.

(Source: Tripoli Post)
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