Egypt Air to Resume Flights to Tripoli Nov. 17

Egypt's national airline, Egypt Air, is to follow the examples of Turkish Airlines and Italian carrier Alitalia's example and resume flights to the Libyan capital Tripoli next week, marking a step toward normalcy after Libya's eight-month civil war.

Egypt Air, that has been running four flights per week to the eastern city of Benghazi since earlier this month, said in a statement that it will run daily flights from Cairo to Tripoli starting November 17.

Commercial air traffic to Libya was halted with the outbreak of the popular uprising against the Muammar Al Qathafi regime and no commercial flights to or out of the Libyan capital had been operating for the past eight months.

Foreign officials have warned that shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles left unsecured during the war could pose a threat to civilian aircraft across the region, but airlines say Libya's airports are now safe.

(Source: The Tripoli Post)
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