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Tobruk International Airport Opened

Tobruk International Airport has been officially opened, reports Libya Herald. The first international passenger flight took off to Alexandria in Egypt, with sixty passengers paying LD 235 [$185] each for the return flight. Tobruk, the oldest airport in Libya, had previously only offered internal flights. According to the report, there will be two flights every […]

Radar Project Agreed

The head of the Libyan army’s air defences, Brigadier-General Juma Hussein El-Abani, has told the Libya Herald that the Ministry of Transport plans to implement a major radar project to monitor Libyan airspace. The project will begin with work at the radar station at Tripoli International Airport. In addition, a civil aviation information centre would […]

Al-Arusi Announces New Refinery

By John Lee. Libya plans to increase its oil refining capacity and to develop petrochemical industries that generate jobs, according to a report from AFP. Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr. Abdulbari Alarusi [Al Arusi] told the agency: “Libya imports 70 percent of its fuel needs, something which is not normal for a country which […]

Tobruk’s Commercial Prospects “on the Rise”

The Naples-based shipping giant Grimaldi Lines reportedly routed one of its container vessels to Tobruk on Sunday, in what Libya Herald describes as a promising sign of increased commercial interest in the eastern town. Tobruk is not on the company’s list of regular routes, but it is reported to have received sufficient orders from the […]

Arab Contractors “to Restart Ghadames Road Project”

Libya Herald expects Cairo-based Arab Contractors Company, one of Egypt’s biggest corporations, to sign a new contract this week to restart work on a road project in Ghadames. According to a company official in Tripoli, the project had originally been awarded and work started before the revolution, but was then put on hold. Work on […]

Tobruk Airport Moves Towards International Status

A committee from the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority has visited Tobruk airport to assess equipment and systems before it can be licensed as an international airport. The committee checked the facilities and reviewed safety equipment and procedures. Airport director Mohamed Manfour said that the airport’s facilities and capabilities were in no way inferior to those […]

AGOCO Extends Tenders at Tobruk

The Main Tender Committee (MTC) of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) announces the extension of the release of tenders according to the following table: So, to all qualified, Specialized companies which have previous experience and which have the intention to submit to one or more of the above tenders, to receive directly specification booklets through […]