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Blacklisted Oil Tanker Returns to Libya

By John Lee. The tanker that the Tobruk government had been using to try to export oil from Eastern Libya has returned to the country on Saturday, after it was blacklisted by the United Nations and refused entry to Malta. The eastern government’s parallel oil company had hoped to sell the Indian-flagged Distya Ameya‘s cargo of […]

Technical Presentation on Oil & Gas Reserves

A technical presentation on the results of the evaluation and assessment of oil and gas reserves in the sedimentary basins in Libya was given recently at National Oil Corporation (NOC) offices in Tripoli. These evaluations and assessments were conducted by the technical team formed under the Board of Directors Resolution no. 22 for the year […]

NOC Works to Block Eastern Oil Shipment

The Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC) is continuing efforts to stop the Tobruk/Baida administration from loading crude oil for export. In a statement, the company said: “Agoco, our subsidiary in the east, was instructed yesterday by a Beyda official to load a ship at Marsa el-Hariga. “[NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla] notified Prime Minister Serraj and the Presidency Council, who understood immediately the seriousness of […]

NOC warns of IS Attacks on Oil Facilities

By John Lee. The head of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) has warned of more attacks on Libya’s oil facilities unless the UN-backed national unity government is approved. Mustafa Sanalla told Reuters on Monday that suspected militants from the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) had set fire to one production tank and damaging […]

AGOCO Tender for Freight Forwarding ervices

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced a tender for freight forwarding services to cover receipt and inspection, packaging and shipment of materials, machines, equipment and other goods which are supplied to Arabian Gulf Oil company from overseas particularly from one, or some, or all of the following countries: Britain Germany Italy Houston USA […]

National Oil Corporation Condemns Hydrocarbon Smuggling

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has issued the following statement regarding the smuggling of hydrocarbons: Everyone knows that NOC provides the local market needs of hydrocarbons from domestic and external sources in subsidized prices that cost the State Treasury billions of dollars. Throughout the consistent following up of the domestic market needs and the rising […]

NOC Chairman attends Presentation on Carbon Fibers

Within a framework of NOC’s promotion of scientific research, a technical presentation on carbon fibers and the possibility of manufacturing them from Libyan crude oil was given on Tuesday 9 February 2016. The presentation was delivered by a number of academics from University of Tripoli, University of Benghazi and the Libyan Petroleum Institute who had […]

Sanctions Against Parallel Institutions ‘an Option’

By Padraig O’Hannelly. Britain’s Ambassador to Libya has said that the parallel economic institutions established in the East of the country threaten the long term economic regeneration of Libya, and should not be encouraged. Addressing the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Foreign Affairs, Peter Millet said: “We have made clear time and again … […]