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Oil Supply to Hariga could Shut Down in a Month

By John Lee. Production from the Messla and Sarir oil fields in south-east Libya could be shut down in less than four weeks if a blockade of the Marsa al Hariga port continues. Output from the fields has been cut to less the half due to a dispute between the rival administrations over the right […]

Oil Output Crashes as rival NOCs Fight

By John Lee. Reuters reports that Libya is producing only around 200,000 to 220,000 bpd after the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) was forced to slash output from its Messla and Sarir fields by more than half. A spokesman for the company said that since loadings at the port of Marsa al Hariga in eastern […]

Increased IS Threat to Oil Sector

By John Lee. Reuters quotes a Libya analyst as saying that “there is a very real risk” that the Islamic State group (ISIS, ISIL, IS, Daesh) will attack the Brega oil terminal. Richard Mallinson of Energy Aspects added that militants could also potentially strike the oil fields of Sarir, Messla and Nafoura, which account for […]

Tobruk Calls Glencore Oil Deal Worthless

Libya’s internationally-recognised government has said that Glencore has signed its new oil deal with the wrong people, according to a report from The Guardian. The Switzerland-based company agreed last week to buy up to half of the oil exports from the Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC), where an Islamist-backed government is based. Under the deal, […]

Glencore Lands Big Libyan Oil Deal

Swiss-based trading house Glencore has reportedly secured a deal to buy as much as half of the oil Libya is currently exporting. Reuters reports that the arrangement with the National Oil Corporation (NOC), which began in September, allows Glencore to load and finds buyers for all the Sarir and Messla crude oil exported from the […]

Tender for Pump Monitoring

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced a tender for the monitoring and control of the Electrical Submersible Pumps installed on the Oil Producing wells in Sarir, Messla and Majid Area. All monitoring and control data (e.g. Pump on/off, Phase voltages, pump status, currents, etc.) available in the ESP controller, located at the well […]

AGOCO Tender for Messla Airport Upgrade

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced a project (MTC 17\2013) for the rehabilitation and upgrading of Messla Airport. BRIEF PROJECT DESCRIPTION: As the project started in Aug. 2008 and stopped in Feb. 2011 without completed required works. Therefore, AGOCO desired to complete A/M project, which consist of the following works: Rehabilitation of existing: Run […]

AGOCO Pre-Qual for Construction of Accommodation Blocks

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced opportunities for the pre-qualification of specialized companies to construct accommodation blocks at the Sarir, Nafoora, Beda, Messla and Hamada fields (Project Nos.: K-84, K-86, K-88, K-90, K-91) (Bid No.: MTC- 33/2012). Conditions and Participation Requirements :- All Specialized companies which desire to participate in one or more […]