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Libya Stagnant in Prosperity Index

By John Lee. Libya has made no improvement in this year’s Legatum Institute Prosperity Index, ranking in 136th place out of the 149 countries measured. The index ranks countries according to its nine pillars of prosperity: Economic Quality, Business Environment, Governance, Personal Freedom, Social Capital, Safety and Security, Education, Health and Natural Environment. Despite Libya’s […]

Sanctions Against Parallel Institutions ‘an Option’

By Padraig O’Hannelly. Britain’s Ambassador to Libya has said that the parallel economic institutions established in the East of the country threaten the long term economic regeneration of Libya, and should not be encouraged. Addressing the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Foreign Affairs, Peter Millet said: “We have made clear time and again … […]

Libya Fails to make it into Prosperity Index

By John Lee. The Legatum Institute has just issued its latest Prosperity Index, but has again been unable to include a ranking for Libya due to a lack of available data. The annually-produced index ranks countries in eight categories including economic success, opportunity, health, and personal freedom. Stephan Clarke, Programme Manager in the Legatum Institute’s Prosperity […]

Curbing Corruption – Ideas That Work

The Democracy Lab and Legatum Institute have commissioned a series of case studies that examine specific interventions against corruption which have produced positive results. The aim is to tell a set of stories that illustrate how combating corruption works in practice, which may offer insight on some of the larger issues across the globe. The […]

Libya: Whose Land Is It?

Mary Fitzgerald and Tarek Megerisi are the authors of a new Transitions Forum paper by the Legatum Institute that looks at Libya’s transition through the question of property rights. In the paper, the authors take a step back from the current fighting and explore some of the deep-rooted reasons why the past four years have been […]

Libya: Whose Land is it?

The London-based Legatum Institute will host a panel discussion to launch a new Transitions Forum paper that examines Libyan politics and economics. Four years after the uprising that deposed Qaddafi, Libya’s elected government controls just a fraction of the country. A rival rump government sits in the capital, and the Islamic State is gradually making […]

The Need for a Smaller State Sector

By Padraig O’Hannelly. In his report on Libya’s banking sector, published yesterday by the Legatum Institute, Brehon Advisory‘s Mark Dempsey points to, among other things, the need to create employment opportunities in the private sector. At least 150,000 new jobs are required each year for the next five years, in addition to the 860,000 jobs […]

New Report: Reforming Libya’s Financial Sector

In a new ‘Transitions Forum‘ paper for the Legatum Institute, in partnership with Brehon Advisory, author Mark Dempsey outlines the current state of the financial sector in Libya and makes recommendations for how the situation can be improved. A functioning private banking sector is crucial to the economic growth of states in transition. In this […]