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EUR 27.5m for Migration Programmes in North Africa

The European Commission has launched new support measures worth EUR 27.5 million to support the North Africa region in addressing the current migration situation. The EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa adopted three new programmes which will focus on the following areas: migration governance, protection of vulnerable migrants and refugees, and enhanced resilience of migrant […]

International Community Reaffirms Support for GNA

Ministerial Meeting for Libya Joint Communique, Vienna 16 May 2016 We welcome the presence of Prime Minister al-Sarraj and commend his leadership in guiding Libya’s institutions through seating the government in Tripoli, a turning point in the Libyan political process. We express our strong support for the Libyan people in maintaining the unity of Libya. […]

EUR 20m for Civil Society

The European Commission launched a call for proposals for a total amount of EUR 20 million, to involve civil society in pan-African issues, according to a statement on the website of the EU Delegation in Algeria. Five African countries bordering the Mediterranean (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt) are invited to cooperate in addition to […]

Joint Communique from Ministerial Meeting in Rome

We affirm our full support for the Libyan people in maintaining the unity of Libya and its institutions that function for the benefit of the whole Country. A Government of National Accord based in the capital Tripoli is urgently needed to provide Libya the means to maintain governance, promote stability and economic development. We stand […]

Support for a Government of National Accord

Statement of support for a Government of National Accord in Libya The Governments of Algeria, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States welcome the statement of support for a Government of National Accord in Libya signed by the majority of House of Representatives (HoR) members […]

Continued Obstacles to a Deal in Libya

By Mohamed Eljarh, Nonresident Fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. This article was originally published on the Atlantic Council’s MENASource blog on October 26, 2015, and is republished by Libya Business News with permission. The UN Special Envoy for Libya Bernardino Leon announced his final proposals for Libya’s national […]

Algeria Re-opens Border with Libya

Algeria has reportedly re-opened its border with Libya. The Ghadames-Debdeb and Ghat-Tin El Koum border crossings have been closed since May 2014, according to Libya Herald; Anadolu Agency says they have been closed since 2013. The closure had not stopped illegal migrants entering Libya or terrorist movements in either direction. “Algeria decided to reopen the border […]

Algeria Steps Up Border Control

According to local media, the Algerian army has recently acquired 1,680 vehicles for border control, amid rising concerns over possible terrorist infiltration and smugglers from neighbouring Libya. The desert border between Algeria and Libya is over 1,000 kilometers long. (Source: ANSAMed)