Weekly Security Review

AKE Oil Infrastructure Report AKE has produced the first independent security and risk assessment of Libya’s major oil producing and refining facilities. Designed to provide accurate and actionable information to companies looking to enter or re-enter the oil-rich North African state, the project aimed to assess the threat level in the areas most associated with […]

Telecom operator returning to Libya

The Ugandan government announced on Monday that Libyan assets, including Uganda Telecom (UTL), seized by the government last year as part of United Nations (UN) sanctions on Libya, will be returned. The government said, in a press statement published by the WallStreet Journal, once UN sanctions against the North African country were lifted in December […]

Finnish know-how sought in Libya rebuilding

Finnish experts will soon start working in Libya to help the country get back on its feet after the civil war. Libya needs support in areas including border control, healthcare and forensic medicine. Post-war Libya faces the challenge of rebuilding and providing services to its citizens. Finland is pitching in at Libya’s request for expert […]

Fine balance sought at oil summit in Gulf

Oil producers and consumers meet tomorrow in Kuwait to discuss growing threats to supply, rising prices and an uncertain outlook for the global economy. Energy ministers and executives of oil companies from 88 nations, including the UAE, will gather as Brent, the European benchmark crude, trades at US$125.98 a barrel, about a dollar short of last […]

Libya: NTC Approves 2012 Budget of 68 Billion LD

Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) has approved the long awaited budget for 2012 on Sunday. The total amount of the budget is LD68,525,604,750.00. The NTC spokesman Mohammed al-Harizi told the Libyan news agency said the NTC’s approval of the budget included recommendations directed to the government relating to the spending procedures and financial oversight. He […]

Four Veteran Ex-OPEC Oil Ministers Set Up Energy Alliance

Four former oil ministers of OPEC member states Iraq, Libya, Algeria and Nigeria have set up an international energy alliance to tackle various energy issues, the four said in an announcement late Sunday. Issam Chalabi, Shokri Ghanem, Chakib Khelil and Rilwanu Lukman, former oil ministers of Iraq, Libya, Algeria and Nigeria respectively, met in Vienna […]

Libyan capital prepares to elect local council

The Libyan capital will elect its local council by May 5 in its first poll since the ouster of Moamer Gathafi, the deputy chairman of the Tripoli council announced on Sunday. The Tripoli council will keep its current format and comprise 10 representatives, one from each of the capital’s districts, along with a chairman and […]

Jalil: 2012 Budget to be Approved Soon

The chairman of Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdul-Jalil said Saturday that the Libyan budget for 2012 which is estimated at over 68 billion Dinars will be approved by the NTC within the coming two days. He said the move indicates that the NTC is quiet supportive of the interim government of Mr. Abdurrahim […]