Libya Elections 2012: Libyans Vote for First Time in Nearly 50 Years

Elections in Libya will be held on July 7 to elect 200 members to the General National Congress (GNC) (Mutamar Al Chaab Al Aam). The GNC will replace the interim government of the National Transitional Council. For these 200 seats, more than 2500 independent candidates and 142 political entities are in the fray. Some of the […]

Investors must use caution in Libya

As the elections in Libya approach, Mohamed Karbal, the managing director of the Karbal & Co law firm, explains the legal minefield of investing in the country. There are four ways for foreign investors to conduct business in Libya: establishing a joint venture; opening a branch office; opening a representative office; and through direct investment. […]

Business is booming in Misrata

Business is booming on Misrata’s docks, a dramatic change to the desperate days of April and May 2011. Then, under heavy shelling and rocket attack, only humanitarian boats were brave enough to enter the port. Now, millions of dollars of trade is passing through this port every month. Currently, about 1,200 people work on site, […]

Yara Says Investigation Confirms Unacceptable Payments

Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara International ASA confirmed Friday that it had made “an unacceptable payment” of $1 million in India in 2007, as well as “unacceptable offers of payments” in Libya, after an internal investigation into possible irregularities.”It is disappointing to confirm that unacceptable payments have been made from Yara, but I am nevertheless satisfied […]

Libya open to doing business with all international partners, says Libyan Minister

The Libyan Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, H.E. Prof. Fathi Al Akkari said his country was open to doing business with all international partners. “Libya needs everything. There is huge demand for goods, services and know-how from all sectors of the economy and Libya welcomes all to support its rebuilding efforts, he […]