Four Current Ministers to Keep Jobs in New Govt

Four existing ministers are to remain in the government of Mustafa Abushagur (pictured), pending approval by the National Congress, sources close to the prime minister-elect have told the Libya Herald. Those reported to be staying are: Electricity Minister, Awad Barasi; Communications Minister, Anwar Al-Fitouri; Oil Minister, Abdulrahman Ben Yezza; and, Education Minister, Suleiman Al-Sahli. According […]

Yorkshire Firms to Learn of Libyan Opportunities

Former UK Ambassador to Libya, Richard Northern (pictured), will present a talk entitled Rebuilding Libya: Prospects For Business to the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce in East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, later this month He will be joined by Alan Fraser, Africa and Middle East Specialist at risk management company AKE Group Ltd, for the World Trade […]

Business Risk Management in the MENA Region

The UK’s Middle East Association (MEA) will be hosting a business briefing on how companies can assess and mitigate risks to their operations, in the MENA region, on Tuesday 9th October at Bury House. The event will appeal to individuals keen to keep abreast of recent developments, as well as companies that either already have […]

Agility Logistics Targets Libyan Growth

Kuwait’s Agility Logistics intends to shif its emphasis from defence services to expanding markets services in MENA, according to the Chairman and Managing Director Tarek Sultan. Mr. Sultan told Reuters that the firm is conducting talks with the new governments in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya on increasing its presence and investments. The Agility Logistics Index […]

Mellitah Tender: New accommodation at Concession R-82

Mellitah Oil & Gas B. V. (Libyan Branch), intends to issue the tender below and wish to invite reputable, interested and experienced contractors specialized in providing similar services for pre-qualification. The pre-qualification submission will be evaluated for establishing the Bidders List for the said tender. TENDER NO. (695) Due to the necessity to accommodate the […]

Libya Loses Trademark Case Against Document Expeditor

A U.S. District Judge has dismissed a trademark infringement suit originally brought by the former Libyan regime against a document expeditor. Bloomberg reports that the then Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Hamahiriya initiated the case in federal court in Washington in November 2006, objecting to the use by Ahmad Miski of the domain names that contained […]