Libya’s First Trade Fair Since Qaddafi Ouster Slated for April

Libya’s economy minister said the country’s first trade fair since Muammar Qaddafi was ousted and killed last year will focus on opportunities to rebuild infrastructure. Economy Minister Ahmed El-Koshly told reporters late yesterday the 40th Tripoli International Trade Fair will run from April 2 to April 24. Trade fair manager Ahmed Ali Mourad said that […]

Yara unveils unacceptable payments in Swiss JV

Yara International, one of the world’s largest fertiliser companies, said it had uncovered “unacceptable payments” at its joint venture in Switzerland after an external investigation into possible corruption it initiated last year. Yara said on Friday it had told Norwegian police about the findings, which follow last year’s discovery of possible offences in connection with […]

Libya prepares more oil autonomy for its east

Plans to grant more autonomy to Libya’s oil rich east were laid out this week at the nation’s first oil and gas summit held in Rome after months of unease among international oil companies over the uncertainty. A new system in place will devolve power to subsidiary firms previously controlled by the state’s National Oil […]

Libya restores diplomatic ties with Iraq: official

Libya has restored full diplomatic relations with Iraq and plans to send an ambassador to Baghdad more than eight years after cutting off ties, Iraq’s deputy foreign minister said Friday. “There was a delegation that came here, and they said that this decision is under discussion at the foreign ministry in Libya and this step […]

Turkey ships 23 tons of humanitarian aid to Libya

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) sent 23 tons of humanitarian aid supplies to Libya on Friday. Mahmut Urhan, TİKA’S program coordinator for Libya, said the agency sent 23 tons of food and hygienic supplies to assist Libyan families in need as well as orphans and widows. “The supplies sent include diapers and food […]

Britain will continue to support Libya

David Davis and Ibrahim El Mayet were right to say Britain can and should help in Libya. We are doing just that. The Libyan government is clear about the scale of the challenge to rebuild a state after 42 years of dictatorship and an internal conflict. While not dismissing the problems, we see signs of […]

ANEL MEP set to resume Libyan operations shortly

Operations in Libya are set to resume following the cessation of the civil unrest in the North African country, the Qatari head of ANEL MEP has said. In an interview with MEP Middle East, Paul McFarlane said that the Turkish MEP firm had already begun setting up its operations again in Libya, as the troubled […]

Libya’s Agoco oil output at 331,000 bpd -spokesman

Libya’s Arabian Gulf Oil Co (Agoco) is producing around 331,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd) and hopes to reach full production in a few weeks, a spokesman said on Thursday. “We hope that we will reach our normal production at the beginning of April,” Agoco spokesman Abdeljalil Mayuf said by phone. The Benghazi-based company […]