Gunmen storm Tunisian consulate in Libya’s Benghazi

Gunmen on Monday stormed the Tunisian consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, diplomatic and security sources told AFP, without reporting casualties. “The Tunisian consulate has been stormed by armed men,” a security official told AFP on condition of anonymity, blaming the attack on a local brigade known as the Partisans of Shariah, or […]

GE could make $10bn revenue from Libya

General Electric, the biggest maker of power-generation equipment, expects to generate as much as US$10bn in revenue from Libya, as the country vies to rebuild its economy, infrastructure, and institutions, and respond to the demands of its population, the company’s regional President and CEO Nabil Habayeb said in an interview with Arabian Business. “The needs […]

India partially lifts ban on emigration to Libya

Government today partially lifted the ban on emigration to Libya more than a year after the country was hit by violence and internal strife. After an interim government has taken over, the situation has improved. It has been noticed that there is growing demand for manpower in Libya in various sectors, officials in the Overseas […]

Such a Quiet Libyan Stock Exchange

The cartoon adorning the cover of the Libyan Stock Market brochure is stark: A man with a frown on his face and his pockets turned inside out explains to his horrified wife how he has been swindled by an unscrupulous broker. The message—that investors should stick with a regulated market—is being pushed hard by the […]

EU changes set to benefit Pakistan

Russia, Brazil and Libya are among dozens of countries that are set to lose preferential trade access to the European Union, after the bloc”s parliament on Wednesday approved a law refocusing trade aid to poorest nations. The changes were set to particularly benefit Pakistan, the Philippines and Ukraine, which can now apply for a more […]

Great Yarmouth-based CTR services heads to Libya

Two brothers have swapped Great Yarmouth’s coastal scenery for the deserts of Libya following the expansion of their security business. Tremaine and Adrian Kent started CTR services in 2003 when they left the forces. Their experiences in the forces equipped them with the skills to start their own business offering a range of security services […]

Libya to Offer New Production-Sharing Contracts

Libya will offer new production-sharing agreements to international oil companies on improved terms to existing contracts, but this won’t happen this year, said the country’s Minister of Oil and Gas, Abdurahman Benyezza Wednesday. Libya isn’t currently planning to revise the terms of existing contracts with foreign oil companies, but there may be a process to […]