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Weekly Security Review

Projections Reports of a recent vote of no confidence in the government of Abdurrahim al-Keib are likely to increase political uncertainty in the run up to elections. The reports may prove to be premature, although the evident cracks between the government and NTC are causing increased concern over political stability in the run up to […]

Libya grants immunity to ‘revolutionaries’

Libyan authorities on Thursday granted immunity to former rebels who fought to oust Moamer Kadhafi’s regime and unveiled legislation that cracks down on the fallen strongman’s supporters. “There is no punishment for acts made necessary by the February 17 revolution,” read the law published on the National Transitional Council’s website. The immunity covers “military, security […]

Libya Oil Office Disruption Hearkens Renewed Risk

For more than a week, armed men have prevented workers from entering the headquarters of one of Libya’s leading oil producers, claiming they had protected the company and deserved compensation for it, local oil officials say. The conflict, which has so far not affected Libya’s oil output, highlights the brittle nature of Libya’s oil recovery. […]

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Libya Interior Ministry Takes 70,000 Former Rebels Under Its Wing

Libya’s ministry of interior, has absorbed 70 000 former rebels turned revolutionaries who helped oust the former dictatorial regime of Muammar Gaddafi from power after 42 years of power, under its command, Omar al-Khadrawi, deputy interior minister, said. They have become interior ministry employees and are to receive wages. They will help the country’s fight […]

Weekly Security Review

Projections The security situation in Tripoli will remain positive, although there is an ongoing risk of clashes between rival militia groups and attacks by groups and individuals hostile to the NTC and seeking to disrupt the transition process. Following the handover of Tripoli International Airport to the central authorities the NTC will likely seek to […]

Libya, Iraq want to buy Russian arms: Minister

Libya and Iraq continue to show interest in buying Russian-made weaponry despite regime changes in these countries, a minister said Tuesday. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the defence industry, said: “The Libyan military leadership and the Iraqi government have shown serious interest.” After the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq and […]

Libya militia hands Tripoli airport control to govt

The Libyan government took control of Tripoli’s international airport on Friday from the militia that has run it since Muammar Gaddafi was deposed last year, an important step in its struggle to assert its authority over numerous armed groups. The ruling National Transitional Council now faces the challenge of showing it can maintain security and […]

Weekly Security Reveiw

Projections Security in the capital and major cities will remain positive, although there will be an ongoing risk of sporadic clashes involving rival militia groups. The risk is heightened in areas of the north west of the country outside the capital Tripoli. The risk of small-scale attacks by unidentified hostile elements will also remain, and […]