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French warships in Libya to train navy, demine oil ports

Two French warships arrived at Tripoli’s port on Tuesday carrying navy crewmen who will train the Libyan navy and help demine oil ports, a Libyan defense ministry official said. Foreign states are worried about the Libyan interim government’s capacity to secure its Mediterranean coast, which could be used as a gateway into Europe for arms […]

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Canada urges trade with Libya

Canadian values, including respect for human rights, won’t be compromised in any trading relationship with Libya, International Trade Minister Ed Fast said Monday. Fast, who just wrapped up a three-day trip to the country where he was promoting ties to Canadian businesses, was accompanied by representatives from 15 Canadian companies. For “commercial and security reasons” […]

Opinion: Libya’s dual divide: Ex-patriates Aren’t Welcome in the “New Libya.”

A clause in Libya’s draft election laws which excludes Libyans with multiple nationalities from running for public office unless they are willing to give up their other nationality, a requirement which would be unacceptable in Europe, has polarised opinion in Libya and raised serious questions about citizenship and identity in the “New Libya”. Tens of […]

Libya’s recovery: Better than it sounds

LIBYA’S interim rulers had their first serious wobble on January 21st when a crowd of several thousand massed outside a government building in Benghazi, the country’s second city, where members of the National Transitional Council were meeting. They hurled grenades and Molotov cocktails, yelled angry slogans and demanded more support for rebel fighters now out […]

Turkey donates Libya police cars, uniforms

Ankara has presented Libya with 30 free police vehicles and 6,000 police uniforms as part of a host of Turkish efforts to help train the North African country’s law enforcement officers. Speaking at a ceremony yesterday in Tripoli, Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan said 1,500 Libyan police would be trained in Turkey between March and […]

Libya boosts oil output but dangers lurk

Two major oil companies in Libya say they expect to restore their pre-war production levels by the end of the month, just in time to help pick up the slack for energy-hungry Europe if Persian Gulf crude supplies are cut off in the confrontation between Iran and the West. Other firms make equally optimistic forecasts […]

Turkey offers Libya $250 million in loan

Turkey’s Eximbank has decided to allocate some $250 million to Libya following its move the day before to extend $500 million to Tunisia, said Turkey’s Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan at the Turkey-Libya Business Forum in Tripoli yesterday.  “Our Libyan brothers will be able use this loan toward their investments, their purchases of machinery and other […]


Libya in business, just not business as usual

Businesses of all kinds should be looking at the potential of Libya and considering whether and how to enter the market. A large part of that decision will be based on how business-friendly the laws of Libya are and how much protection investors can expect. The legal system of Libya is reasonably well developed and […]