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More men unemployed than women in Libya: report

Libya is the only Arab country where there are more unemployed men than women, a report by the Arab League showed. Unemployment for women in Libya stands at 18 percent while for men the figure is 21 percent. Libya stands out from other Arab nations where women unemployment is higher than men. The report, based […]

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China pulls workers from Syria, seeks Libya compensation

China is bringing workers home from Syria, its commerce minister said on Wednesday, in an apparent attempt to avoid a repeat of last year’s eleventh-hour rescue of Chinese nationals from Libya when violence engulfed that country. Only about 100 Chinese workers will be left behind to guard work camps and equipment, the minister, Chen Deming, said. […]

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Libya talks up local workforce

As Libya’s production levels grow closer to pre-conflict levels, the country’s refining operations are coming back online with or without the help and guidance of foreign partners. As international firms have continued to weigh costs, benefits and risks of returning to Libya at pre-conflict levels, the country’s Transitional National Council (TNC) and energy sector are […]

Money stuck in Libya worries Indian evacuees

Overseas Indian workers evacuated from Libya in February last year are caught between a rock and a hard place. The workers, including medical and dental teachers, may lose salaries amounting to lakhs with the political and economic instability in the country threatening to devalue the currency. While some workers managed to bring home a few […]


A follow-up business visit

This is just an update on my recent visit to Libya. I met the Ministry of Education officials again and received a warm reception.  The Head of Vocational Education colleges asked me to visit six colleges in the Tripoli area so I now have some ideas for him on prioritising recovery work and how it […]

The business outlook

When will be the best time for a multi-sector trade promotion mission from Britainto go to Libya? To find the answer to that question a small group from the Libyan British Business Council of which I am a deputy chairman spent last week in Libya, my own first visit since the revolution. My main impressions […]