LFJL Announces Research Department, New Partnerships

LFJL has dedicated several of its existing staff to the Research Department and intends to hire additional researchers in the near future. The Director of Research, Thomas Ebbs will lead the Research Department’s activities. As the former Deputy Director of LFJL, Ebbs will make use of his experience in programme development and his wide ranging understanding of human rights issues affecting Libya.

The Research Department will also benefit from the insights of Gender Equality Researcher, Khadija Elboaishi who has a wealth of legal expertise as a lecturer at the University of Tripoli and plays an active role in joint civil society initiatives in Libya.

They are joined by Legal Advisor, Ali Nour, a highly experienced legal researcher, advocate and litigator, who has worked extensively on human rights issues in Sudan and Libya. He will assist with research and the development of monitoring and support mechanisms for our Libyan partners.

Crises involving Libya are frequently reported on but sustained monitoring and follow up investigations on human rights issues are few.  This has led to substantial gaps in knowledge. The Research Department is an opportunity to change this.” noted Thomas Ebbs. “Our team’s objective is to inform and reinvigorate the Libyan human rights movement. I am hopeful that in the near future lawyers, activists and members of the public will be able to make use of our activities and that they will have a meaningful impact on the enjoyment of human rights in Libya.

To support its effort to carry out innovative and responsive work, the Research Department is designed to be open and collaborative. LFJL has therefore issued an open call for communications from third parties who are interested in carrying out joint activities with the Research Department.

The Research Department staff and agents are also available to provide consultations on the human rights situation in Libya. Those interested in exploring such partnerships are invited to contact Thomas Ebbs [email protected].

(Source: Lawyers for Justice in Libya)

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