Libya Suspended from Voting in UN General Assembly

Libya has been suspended from voting in the UN General Assembly for non-payment of dues. The suspension was made under Article 19 of the UN Charter, which states that a member state in arrears in the payment of its dues in an amount that equals or exceeds the contributions due for two preceding years can […]

Kobler: V Important that 2nd List of Ministers is Approved

Excerpts from SRSG for Libya Martin Kobler’s Press Conference in Shahat Following a Meeting with House of Representatives President Mr. Agila Saleh, Friday 05 February 2016. I just had a very long and a very fruitful meeting with the president of the House of Representatives. And you know it’s very cold here in Shahat today […]

Tunisia Builds Barrier Along Libya Border

Tunisia has completed the first part of the 125-mile (200-km) barrier along its border with Libya. The barrier, made of sand banks and water trenches, is intended to deter terrroism and smuggling. According to a report from BBC News, Tunisia’s defence minister, Farhat Horchani (pictured), said the second phase of the project would involve installing electronic […]

Libyan Media Participates in Journalists’ Safety Conference

In Paris on Friday, two Libyan media managers participated in an international conference hosted by UNESCO that provided news organizations the opportunity to discuss existing and new measures aimed to strengthen journalists’ safety worldwide. In attendance were close to 200 media owners, executives and practitioners from public, private and community media, ranging from major international […]

Video: Growing IS Threat in Libya

From AFP. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News. The United States and Italy warn that the so-called Islamic State group is expanding its reach, threatening to seize Libya and launch attacks in western countries:

West Weighs Military Options Against IS

By John Lee. Western powers are considering direct military intervention against the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL) in Libya. The New York Times reports that the Pentagon is ramping up intelligence-gathering in Libya as the Obama administration draws up plans to open a third front in the war against the Islamic State. A senior […]

Mary Fitzgerald on Libya and ISIS

As UN-backed efforts to establish a Libyan unity government falter, signals that the United States and European allies intend to expand their military campaign against the Islamic State could cause even more upheaval, says Mary Fitzgerald (pictured), a researcher who follows the country closely. Fitzgerald says while the threat posed by the Islamic State is […]